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Bread Makers

About Modern Bread Makers Human beings have been making bread manually for thousands of years, but now you can make perfect loaves with ease using a bread maker. Modern bread makers take almost all of the guesswork out of making perfect bread in your own home: they automatically regulate mixing, […]


Air Fryers

What is Air Frying? We’re all familiar with traditional fried foods. Chances are, some of your favorite foods are fried, but since you know they’re not the healthiest foods you could be eating, they come with guilt attached. So, how can you have your (fried) cake and eat it guilt-free? […]


Sous Vide

What is “Sous Vide”? Sous vide cooking is a method in which food is sealed in a bag, submerged in a water bath, and gradually brought to a specific temperature in order to ensure perfectly reliable results. There are many advantages to sous vide cooking, the most obvious is that […]

spiralizing recipes - quick spaghetti with meat sauce
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quick spaghetti with meat sauce

Lean protein and non-starchy vegetables are an unbeatable combination when you’re trying to lose weight. This simple, classic “spaghetti” with meat sauce is so flavorful you won’t even notice you’re getting a double-dose of vegetables on your plate.

spiralizing recipes - beef paprikash with squash noodles
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beef paprikash with squash noodles

Also known as “beef goulash,” this recipe is often made with the addition of sour cream, but the real heart of the flavor is the interaction of meat and paprika, and this version of a comfort food classic (served on a bed of squash noodles) is totally Paleo-friendly.