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How Much “Pasta” Will It Make?

For most traditional pasta recipes, the default ingredient is 1 pound of pasta, which yields 4 cups of cooked pasta. In the following recipes, 4 cups of vegetable spaghetti will be the standard ingredient. To get 4 cups of vegetable pasta from your veggies use the following guide. Equivalents are […]

The best (and worst) veggies to use with Paderno-style spiralizers

Best veggies to use with the Paderno spiralizer The Paderno is particularly good with soft and less dense vegetables and can easily handle larger vegetables that have a diameter of up to 5 inches. Apples—particularly nice when cut into the “udon” size Cabbages—great for shredding. Zucchini—terrific for large zucchini. Yellow Squash—also […]