Air Fryers

What is Air Frying?

We’re all familiar with traditional fried foods. Chances are, some of your favorite foods are fried, but since you know they’re not the healthiest foods you could be eating, they come with guilt attached. So, how can you have your (fried) cake and eat it guilt-free? Well, modern cooking technology has solved this problem by creating…drum roll… the Air Fryer. The miraculous modern air fryer is an easy to use, compact device that allows you to make all of your favorite fried foods, at home, but in a much healthier way. Now you can enjoy delicious French fries, fried chicken, and so much more without the guilt or negative impacts to your health attached to normally fried foods. By using only a small amount of oil and a revolutionary cooking system, you no longer have to compromise your health for flavor.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of air frying are perhaps the best reason to consider this cooking method. The main problem with traditional deep frying isn’t the food you are cooking, but rather the oil used in the cooking process. Traditional deep frying requires you to fully submerge your food in oil, and as a result, your food absorbs a lot of that oil. The problem is that oil contains a lot of calories, fat, and often cholesterol. Because these oils mix with the carbohydrates in your food, you end up with one of the unhealthiest combinations possible. Air fryers, on the other hand, only use a tiny amount of oil. Because they are able to use circulating hot air to cook your food, the amount of oil can be greatly reduced, which means you are not eating nearly as much fat. This leads to lighter foods which are not only better for you, they actually taste lighter and are more flavorful.

Aside from the calorie count, the biggest negative factor of oil frying is that it is downright dangerous. How many times have you thrown something into oil and then ran the other direction to avoid the hot oil splatter? It’s not only unpleasant, it’s unsafe.

If there is one concern more important than burning your skin it may be burning your whole house down. The lack of oil frying means there is no oil to start a kitchen fire which could eventually lead to a house fire.

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