Humans have been drinking fruit juice for centuries because it was often the safest way to stay hydrated. Water was often contaminated, but juice was far safer to drink. Initially, people would just squeeze the juice out of fruit with their bare hands, but over time we developed juice presses. These early juice presses were often used in winemaking because they could process a large amount of fruit quickly.

The Modern Juicer

More recently, juicing machines have become a popular home appliance and there are several different types. Centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, and triturating juicers. While centrifugal juicers came along first, most high quality modern juicers are masticating juicers because they produce the highest quality juice and use produce more efficiently.

Juicing Packs Huge Health Benefits

There are so many health benefits to drinking fresh juices. From the vital nutrients to the lack of added sugars and preservatives, the best way to drink juice is to make it yourself. Not only are many commercial juices loaded with sugar, they’re also filled with other kinds of juices and water as filler. Some juices, like most commercial orange juice, is stored in giant vats for months and are so heavily processed they lose all of their nutrients, flavor, and color. As a result, most of the commercial orange juice you drink is artificially flavored and colored. No wonder it doesn’t taste like fresh squeezed. Your juicer allows you to turn fresh fruits and vegetables into fresh juice in minutes. Once you see how easy and inexpensive it is, you’ll wonder why you ever bought commercial juice in the first place.

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