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A Nutrition Revolution

Anyone who has ever tasted a fruit smoothie or green smoothie knows that they experienced something extraordinary that day. They also know that they felt better almost immediately and had a bit more energy that day. Another strange thing that they most likely felt, was a feeling of fullness and that their hunger was satisfied for several hours after they savored that fabulous drink.

Making a Smoothie is Faster Than Making a Meal, (and Often More Nutritious)

How long does a traditional breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage take to cook? Probably a lot longer than anyone in today’s modern culture wants to admit. You have to make the pancake batter, heat the skillet, fry the eggs, fry the sausages and let’s say it takes a half an hour – at least. How long for a delicious tasting, meal replacement, protein and nutrient-packed smoothie? Throw the washed veggies and fruit into your blender, along with protein powder, honey, yogurt, soy milk and whatever you feel like putting in there and you have breakfast in under five minutes. Plus, you have made the very healthy decision to skip the greasy, fat-filled, high cholesterol conventional breakfast that will keep you operating as if you’re in a fog for the next few hours.

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