Bread Makers

About Modern Bread Makers

Human beings have been making bread manually for thousands of years, but now you can make perfect loaves with ease using a bread maker. Modern bread makers take almost all of the guesswork out of making perfect bread in your own home: they automatically regulate mixing, kneading, time and temperature — every step of the bread making process — so all you have to do is decide which ingredients you want to use.

What Does a Bread Maker Do?

The brilliance of a bread maker is that it does all of the work for you: from reminding you to add ingredients, to mixing and kneading. Bread makers allow you to add your favorite ingredients and choose exactly how you want your bread to come out. Their simple settings even allow you to customize your bread to your taste. Best of all, they perform the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspect of bread making: kneading. With a bread maker you don’t have to spend time sweating over your dough because it does all of the kneading for you. And once it has finished preparing the perfect dough, it starts cooking. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the aroma of freshly baking bread.

Home-Made Bread Health Benefits

Many people are concerned about the role that carbohydrates play in weight gain and diabetes, and rightly so. Unfortunately, that means sometimes avoiding things like bread. But by making your own bread, that doesn’t have to be the case. While commercial bread may be packed with extra sugar, low-grade flour or even chemicals, the bread you make at home in your bread maker can be so much healthier while still being delicious. From limiting added sugar, to using protein-boosting sourdough starter, to adding healthy nuts and whole grains, you can make bread that is packed with nutrition and flavor. And best of all, you can make bread packed with real, wholesome ingredients, instead of sugars and chemicals. Many bread makers even have a specific gluten-free function, which allows you to make the best quality gluten-free loaves.


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