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spiralizing recipes - beef paprikash with squash noodles

beef paprikash with squash noodles

Also known as “beef goulash,” this recipe is often made with the addition of sour cream, but the real heart of the flavor is the interaction of meat and paprika, and this version of a comfort food classic (served on a bed of squash noodles) is totally Paleo-friendly.

spiralizing recipes - paleo chili cincinnati style

paleo chili cincinnati style

Cincinnati chili is often enhanced by sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves or even added chocolate. This recipe makes a chunkier, con carne style that can be eaten alone as well as in the Cincinnati style over noodles.

Spiralizing recipes - paleo main dishes - pumpkin pasta bacon greens

pumpkin pasta bacon greens

This is a variation of one of the simplest and most decadent pasta dishes ever invented. The pumpkin pairs exceptionally well with the smoky bacon, but you can use any veggie pasta you like.