spiralizing recipes - soups - mexican chicken noodle soup

mexican chicken noodle soup

Our first post for the New Year! What’s better than a nice hot soup when the weather cools down? This spicy, tomato-based soup is another international variation of chicken noodle soup. Blast away your runny nose with this healthy dose of sunny Mexico 🙂

spiralizing recipes - salads, weight loss - beet salad

beet salad

This colorful, naturally sweet salad is eaten raw, unlike many roasted beet salads, which makes it easy to prepare. Note: You can make this with red beets alone, but in the spring, when baby golden beets are available, they make a colorful addition. Try substituting orange juice for the vinegar.

spiralizing recipes - main dishes, sides - cabbage and apple saute

cabbage and apple sauté

This hearty side dish has its roots in pioneer days when cabbages were the only fresh vegetable available and dried apples the only fruit. This savory sauté would be right at home on a Thanksgiving table. Note:  Never pour bacon fat down the sink. It clogs your (and your community’s) […]

spiralizing recipes - main dishes - pizza pasta

pizza pasta

One of my favorites when I’m craving pizza! This combination of pizza fixins’ and veggie “pasta” lightens the glycemic load of everybody’s favourite “junk food” fix. If calories aren’t a consideration, top with some shredded mozzarella and microwave for 30 seconds to get the full-on pizza “experience.”

spiralizing recipes - salads - Asian Chicken Noodle salad

asian chicken & noodle salad

This cold noodle salad is a great choice for a summer luncheon or brunch; with a mixture of textures and tastes that is easy to customize. Prep Time: 20 mServes: 4Calories: 185, Sodium: 188 mg, Dietary Fiber: 2.7 g, Total Fat: 7.3 g, Total Carbs: 16.1 g, Protein: 16.2 g

spiralizing recipes - rosemary pork ragout with sweet potato pasta

rosemary pork ragout with sweet potato pasta

The leftover ragout makes an excellent variation on the “Sloppy Joe” sandwich filling. A good gluten-free bun option is Udi’s Gluten-Free hamburger buns Instructions: “SAUCE” Heat the olive oil in a heavy skillet and sear the pork roast on all sides. Remove the meat from the pan and set aside. […]